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We are a Tech & Innovation Hub located in Tunis and operating all over the world. Our aim is to create, and co-found ventures in E-Health, Gaming, Blockchain & Digital Transformation.

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Factory 619 bootstrapped the first fully operational startup studio in Tunisia & North Africa. So far, We founded/co-built, and nurtured 7 startups. To ensure effective venture building our factory is fueled by the synergy that exists between its four divisions.

startups to be
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Our journey started one year ago, with the aim of bringing 20 project ideas into the light during our first 3 cycles. By the end of our first cycle, we have reached the milestone of 7 created startups (5 were fully and solely founded by our Startup Studio)

The Studio
Building Startups from the ground up
The Foundry
Co-Founding Startups With Our Entrepreneurs
The Forge
Tailored Services For Startups And Corporates
The Garage
Our Pre-Incubator & Pre-Accelerator Programs

The Studio

The Ongoing Mission

The Studio is the first division created within the Factory 619. It carries one of our most important DNA components : Build, Repeat & Release. By leveraging technological innovation, it focuses on validating business ideas and converting them into scalable tech startups.

The Core Team

The Studio's core team is a pluridisciplinary, multi-skilled set of people : Product builders, business hustler, and talented engineers. Through their combined performance and expertise, they build the products that propel our startups off the ground and into the market.

The I2P2P® Process

The Product/Market fit quest goes through resources pooling, rapid iterations, and customer design. We rely on our failure-proof process : From Idea to Prototype to Product ! Allying the perks of our industry expertise with Lean product management and Agile principles.

The Unique Mindset

It is really what drives our passion and transforms it into ambition. We are a team of entrepreneurial minded doers. We waste nothing, we re-use every resource at reach, and we perceive risk-taking as an opportunity to disrupt and reshape industries.


  • FundRaising
  • Scaling
  • Internal Ideation
  • Prototyping
  • MVP
  • Go-To-Market
  • Growth
  • Product Validation
  • Incorporation

The Foundry

Co-Founding Startups & Building Companies Altogether With Top Notch Entrepreneurs

Business Co-Founder

As a future CEO, the candidate will be fully responsible for validating and converting an idea to a 10x-growing business, mastering every details of the market and knowing all the secrets to customer nurturing. Factory 619 handles the product building process and assists with business-wise efforts

Technical Co-Founder

As a future CTO, the candidate will be the architect of an outstanding product for the co-founded startup. Technical scaling, product building and features roll out will be the main roles to be fit. Factory 619 handles the business growth and market entry strategy.

Team-up with us

They are Co-building with us

  • "When I joined The Foundry as a Business Co-Founder, I only had ambition, industry expertise and an idea in mind. They instantly weighed in with their insights and clear actionable steps. AfroStar is now live with over 35 000 users."

    Frange Landry

    Co-Founder AfroStar
  • "It all started with a hackathon : Factory 619 provided the guidance and the advise at first, then it evolved into a full fledged partnership. Since I joined The Foundry, Hablo went from the stage of an ambitious idea to a serious business project"

    Moussir Rahmouni

    Co-Founder Hablo

The Forge

Tailored services in Tech, Product building, and Innovation programs

MVP development

We work with startups in order to build a Minimum Viable Product and release it into the hands of users and early adopters. We provide our own Startup Studio expertise and process to ensure that product viability and fundamental features releases are guaranteed.

Growth Hacking

Both user acquisition and customer retention are crucial to the survival and growth of a product. We boost the most promising channels and drive exponential growth of your conversion rates while we assist you to decrease your CHURN, and contain it as much as possible.

Product Design

We provide Startups with well-structured and highly customized insights and consulting advice. We use a lean methodology in order to roll out a product roadmap with efficient prioritization as we leverage both our Studio expertise and our efficient I2P2P® process.

Custom development

While we excel at MVP Lean development, we still deeply believe that Agile methodologies are a must when it comes to large project scopes. Our Forge team uses a modern tech stack and is best suited to handle your custom requests and your specific project ideas, whether you're a startup founder or a corporate business unit.

Open & Co-Innovation

We build startups, we help others build their own, and we are connected to many startups and innovative ecosystems around the world. We can help streamline or reshape your industry. We offer our expertise in bridging the gaps of your ecosystem and allow you to roll out an actionable innovation framework.

Custom & Corporate Programs

Whether you are a university that's planning to run an incubation program on campus, or a corporate that's willing to plug an acceleration program or event (Ideation Camps, Hackathons, boot camps...) into your industry; We can provide you with the required resources and skills in order to innovate and prevent disruption.

Build with us

Tech We're Passionate about

ReactJS and React Native Development
React-Redux Apps
Angular JS development
Node JS Development
MongoDB and NoSQL database development
backend as a service consulting
AWS and Devops
Blockchain and Smartcontract consulting

The Garage

Curating the Ecosystem & Enhancing Startups

Pre-Incubator Events

We believe that a healthy entrepreneurial ecosystem is a vibrant and evolving one. We work together not only with entrepreneurs and startups, but also other organizations like Accelerators, Incubators, and Tech Parks... We also provide the community with open Pre-Incubation series of events: Hackathons, Challenges, Ideations Camps, and Workshops.

Pre-Accelerator Programs

An intensive 9-week pre-acceleration program that provides both first-time, and seasoned entrepreneurs with the necessary resources and support they require to recast their business ideas, build up their MVP, and become ready to join next stage accelerators. Our Pre-Accelerator runs one vertical program per industry and it has 3 main focus areas.

Idea Validation

We kick-off our program by introducing you to the entrepreneurial mindset and startups ecosystem. You will then work on validating your business idea and perfectly understand your target market.

Product Validation

During the second phase of our Pre-Acceleration program, you will benefit from our resources and expertise to prototype or build an MVP that will accelerate your market validation effort.

Legal & Funding

The program main goal is to help you, as a team or a startup to reach the expected quality level and requirements that allow you to join next-stage accelerators, raise seed stage funds and successfully incorporate your company.


We aim to enhance startups and ready them for the next-stages of their journey, once they validate their business idea


Between 4 to 6 Startups or teams. Ranging from very early-stage first-timers, to early-stage experienced entrepreneurs.


The program is made up of 3 phases and it stretches over a period of 9 Weeks.


Lean Startup, Problem/Solution fit, Market validation, Legal Compliance & Accelerators role.


Our programs are purely vertical. We only focus on one industry at a time, sticking to our areas of expertise in E-Health, Gaming, Blockchain & Digital


We aim to ensure the strong presence of experienced mentors, industry experts and coaches to guide and assist you through every cycle


Nurturing entrepreneurial mindset, validating business idea, a working MVP and joining an accelerator.


We have a Demo Day at the end of the program where the teams pitch their projects in front of investors, accelerators and potential customers.

9 Weeks Pre-Acceleration Programs for Startups in E-Health, Blockchain, Gaming & Digital Transformation


Pre-Incubator open program & Community-driven events

meet the team

Mehdi Nakouri

Founding Partner

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Mehdi Nakouri

Mehdi loves pushing challenging ideas and converting them into feasible actions. He shapes new ideas into ambitious startup projects and he sets the pace for execution. He gets fully involved in every aspect of every product. As a Founding Partner, Mehdi is the engineer of the Factory 619, he is the one shaping it into the major innovation hub that it is.

Hédi Michau

Founding Partner

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MD. Hédi Michau

He's the founder of our first Startup: Katomi. Part-time surgeon and part-time experienced entrepreneur, he knows how to turn ambitious startups into real companies. Hédi founded his first Tech company back in 2003 and built multiple growing businesses since. As a Founding Partner, he is the engine that makes the Factory 619 takes off the ground.

Hazem M'hiri

Tech Partner

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Hazem M'hiri

Hazem is a software engineer whose area of focus is full-stack JavaScript development & Game Design & development. He is both a techie and an artist. He brings his expertise onboard, Technical-wise and Product-wise. As a partner, he helps our startups build their MVPs.

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